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22nd Dec, 2020

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21st Dec, 2020

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18th Dec, 2020

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17th Dec, 2020

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15th Dec, 2020

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About the Podcast

The Kundalini Chronicles
Kundalini Awakening
This podcast features the lessons learned from Scott Bryant-Comstock's Kundalini Awakening. Scott shares aspects of his kundalini awakening, reads a spontaneously written poem coming straight from the universe, and provides a bit of homework to help guide you in your own self discovery for improvement.

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Scott Bryant-Comstock

For the past 40 years, my journey as a mental health advocate has spanned working at a suicide and crisis center, as a therapist in an outpatient clinic, an in-home family therapist, a state mental health official, Board Chair for a county mental health program, and a national reviewer of children's mental health systems reform efforts. As the founder of the Children's Mental Health Network (2009), I lead the Network's efforts to grow a national online forum for the exchange of ideas on how to continually improve children's mental health research, policy, and practice. Through it all, I remain optimistic that the voice of advocates can, and will, be heard. We need strong advocates now, more than ever!

If you're like most of my listeners, you're committed to making significant contributions to your work and seeing sustainable change. But it's not easy–you know it, and I know it. Let's face it - it's downright hard! My passion is helping to shape policy and practice in children's mental health, and my mission is to introduce you to innovative efforts taking place across the nation that are making a difference in the lives of children and families.